Choose A Plan That's Right For You

Choose A Plan That's Right For You

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What Customers are Saying

I started using Vedix only a few weeks ago but the changes are brilliant! The hot weather makes my scalp super oily. Thanks to my regimen, I now feel my scalp has an oil control-switch!

Hairfall for months after months and then finally 2 months with Vedix changes the game! Took me back to my Indian roots of oiling my hair regularly- works so quick!! My hair is almost 3 inches longer..

The humidity here frizzes up my hair real bad! A few months into my Vedix regimen and I could see that my hair became more manageable and soft. I can finally run my comb through it. The oil is truly exceptional

Kuala Lumpur Amber Lee, 26
Farida Nair 49 George Town
Mellisa Yeoh 33, Ipoh